Sézanne (51) Sewage water treatment plant

Phase : Achievement
Maître d'ouvrage : Communauté de Communes des Coteaux Sézannais
Date de réalisation : 2006
Surface du projet : 5 636 m²
Montant des travaux : 25 481 € H.T.

Changing the way to look at the plant was a concern for the city of Sézanne in 2006 ? Could it possible to improve the landscape around the tanks ? In order to make it more pleasant for its workers and its visitors. The City let us free to answer the question.

From two existing Scots Pines at one end of the plant, we create a "pinewood". In the free spaces, we plant trees to surround the tanks by a "woody spirit".

Settled in a natural way, the Scots Pines stems seems to have been there before the plant.

There is a sustainanility purpose in this project : planting pines in a calcareous grassland for a minimal maintenance, searching for a low maintenance to let the ordinary nature growing with as few disturbances as possible.