Bezannes (51) business park

Phase : Studies
Maître d'ouvrage : Nord Est Aménagement Promotion et Plurial Novilia
Date de réalisation : 2018
Surface du projet : 72 793 m²

The parcel to be urbanized, with a surface of 72 793 m², is located in the East continuity of the ZAC of Bezannes and faces the building of the House of Champagne Palmer.

Its urbanization is going to participate to the composition of the Southern fringe of the agglomeration of Reims and of the town of Bezannes.

The axes of projects :

The research of urban forms carrying identity is translated by the formalization of spatial organizations presenting a close relationship with the context of the parcel and the principles of development of the ZAC.

A built framework:

In the continuity of the existing street, the buildings are aligned along the alignments implemented in the ZAC.

An arboricultural framework:

The high vegetal frame is installed on an East/West axis. It becomes the founding element of the identity of this project by occupying a transversal place in all the future plots.

Plant bases to the buildings:

A low vegetal grid is placed against the buildings, in front of the public space.

This unifies the relationship of the buildings to the public space and will also be a factor of identity for the whole district.