Haussimont (51) The park of latitudes and climates and the vegetal fringe

Phase : Achievement
Maître d'ouvrage : Commune de Haussimont
Date de réalisation : Travaux en cours
Surface du projet : 7 000 m²
Montant des travaux : 365 277 € H.T.

The municipality of Haussimont anticipates the creation of a housing estate by the composition of the "latitudes" park. A wide vegetal strip with successive landscaped atmospheres leads the walker towards a park which will end this new housing area.

A landscaped wooded fringe and the park of the latitudes will compose the limits of a future residential area. Over a length of 500 meters, the wooded fringe presents a succession of 9 landscape sequences that illustrate the variety of the vegetation of the Champagne region and new development issues. These include the biomass garden, the traveler's plants, the pine wood...

Associating Latitude and Végétal makes it possible to illustrate, address, anticipate, test and experiment with the relationship of trees to climate variations. Four enclosures will intertwine where some trees of the Mediterranean climate and the continental climate will grow, but also those which are present today in both climates and those moving from the south to the north.

In this vegetal maze, the boundaries of the enclosures accompany the paths, group the plants, structure the space. The numerous interruptions of the boundaries of these enclosures break the certainties that we think we have acquired about the relationship between trees and climate. The park of latitudes and climates presents the use of plants according to the evolution of the climate. Four enclosures present the plants of the temperate climate, the Mediterranean climate, the plants already present in these two climates and finally the enclosure of the plants in movement. This park is a small experiment. Here, the general earthworks and micro-earthworks will concentrate the surface flows towards the planting sites. It is a question here of adapting plant engineering techniques to the needs of the plants, of forgetting habits such as soil preparation, fertilization, pits and planting basins to concentrate on the life of the soil and root development.