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Reims : Réma’Vert eco-district (51)

Located on the urban zone edge of the Dauphinot neighborhood in Reims, the Réma’Vert eco-district marks its identity by a maximum research of an ordinary biodiversity and of a vivid vegetal ambience.


We consider that the 11 hectares of project surfaces are vegetated in order to subtract, in a minimal manner, the reserved surfaces for housing and travels.


Here, vegetal groupings’ plurality participates to the diversity of environments in order to create a new ambiance in the city, where public and private spaces share a common value.


Mission of conception of public spaces

Mission of adviser for residential spaces

Requirements specifications for landscape and urban zone

Conception of residential gardens

Step :

Owner : Effort Rémois

Project surface : 112 300 m²

Construction amount : 8 000 000,00 € HT

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