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Sézanne : Landscape reliefs of the stream of Auges (51)

The site of the Ormelot, the name of the stream which crosses this place, is for years a place of deposit of the inert materials of the city of Sézanne.

To remove this degraded image, a terrain’s relief recomposes the gentle undulations of the landscape of “Champagne Crayeuse” (crayeuse means chalky) which adjoins the site, while the banks of the stream propose softened profiles responding to the course of the water.

A thin layer of topsoil promotes natural colonization of the site that is managed in natural grassland by producing one to two mows per year for hay production.

Groves of young trees scatter on the site and are exempt from any maintenance for a completely free evolution.

In the middle, a large willow slowly ages to the rhythm of the fall of its oldest branches.



This project is part of Sézanne's differentiated management plan, which we have been managing since 2006.

Step :

Owner : City of Sézanne

Execution date : 2012

Construction amount : 164 880,00 € HT

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